Okay, Can’t Resist: Bringing it back…

Way too much to post and don’t want to hog up the main page of the site. Starting here:

The People’s Mike:

The evening meeting of yesterday’s General Assembly in Zuccotti Park opened with a vocabulary lesson—a demonstration of the latest hand and arm signals that the group is developing to use at these meetings. Since the cops shut down the possibility of amplification at the march, the protesters came up with a novel way to get around the ban: the “People’s Microphone.”

The first part of this technique is well known by now—the main speaker (or speakers, for in these militantly non-hierarchical groups, people often speak in pairs) says something, and then the people up front with the loudest voices repeat it as a chant. One or two of the loudest even stand up on the shiny, pink granite park benches and shout the words out to the back rows of the people gathered in circles.

The People’s Microphone might have been forged by necessity, but it’s turned into a brilliant tool, something truly innovative in the political/organizing arena. For it accomplishes two things at once: it forces everyone to edit group public speech down to the essentials (since you must pause between phrases). And because getting your speech heard depends entirely on the good will and lung power of others, it makes it impossible for any single person to hog the “mike”. (And, just in case someone tries, there are special hand signals to “shout” them down)… (more)

Taking down the Tumblr page…

I’m taking down the Tumblr page for #OccupyAugusta. As the admin of the OccupyAugusta.org website- including admin/moderator for the discussion board and blog posts (main page), an admin for the Facebook page, the main contact email, and the main Twitterer, I can’t keep up with Tumblr, too!

I invite any followers to visit the website and our Facebook page… and get involved! We have already scheduled our first demonstration. Check out any of the links for more info.